Porter Square Hotel Project
Construction Phase Frequently Asked Questions

1. Contact Information
Contractor / Builder – Young Construction Company, Inc., Peter Lee

Primary Point of Contact

  • Project Manager – David Barsky –
  • Site Superintendent – John Schroeder –
  • Architect – Michael McKee –

2. Communications
Email Notifications will be distributed on a regular basis with updates on the construction schedule and other issues of concern to our neighbors. To insure receipt of the email updates, Please contact David Barsky to get on the list.

Web Site Information – A This website will serve as a link to provide the latest construction schedule information as well as other relevant updates and information. The website contact form allows our neighbors to communicate directly with our team with any questions and concerns. Regular meetings (monthly) will be held for neighbors and abutters to discuss any construction issues and concerns. The date for the next meeting will be announced on this website.

3. Construction Schedule
Anticipated construction period is – 1 September 2013 thru October 2014

Please see the attached Preliminary Schedule. Schedule adjustments will be posted to the project web site as they become available.

4. Traffic & Parking
Construction vehicles will use the existing curb cut on Mass Ave.

Every effort will be made to keep construction vehicles off of Porter Road.

The contractor will be securing some off-site private parking for construction workers. During early excavation and foundations work, there will be limited workers on site. Once the basement work has been completed, the contractor will utilize to the extent possible, the basement level for storage and some on-site parking.

As needed, the contractor will provide supplemental traffic control to assist and monitor the movement of construction vehicles onto and off of the site. The contractor has reached out to and will continue to coordinate with the construction team on the Lesley University site, to coordinate major the timing of construction vehicle and deliveries to minimize impact on Mass Ave traffic.

5. Working Hours
The contractor will conform to all City rules and regulations regarding work start and stop times and noise generation / mitigation.

6. Geo-technical and Foundations Work
The contractor will be hiring an independent monitor/inspector during the excavation, shoring and foundations work, and to monitor impacts on neighboring structures.



7. Trees
The contractor will be engaging an arborist to monitor the health and impact of the construction on the existing oak tree along the west property line.

8. Fencing
The contractor will install and maintain all required fencing along the Mass Ave. and Porter Road frontages. In addition, the contractor will insure that fencing will be installed and maintained along all abutting properties.


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