Landscape View

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

With winter approaching we are finally able to say with confidence that we are on our way to finalizing an opening date for the hotel. The many challenges we have faced throughout the construction of this project, ranging from complications during the excavation phase, to extensive and complicated delays with the utility companies, have made it difficult to predict completion dates in a normal manner. The sheer number and scope of new construction projects in and around the Boston, Cambridge, Somerville area has all utility and public works agencies running ragged trying to keep up. This is a good thing for our economy but it means we all have to wait our turn when it comes to getting things done that rely on these agencies.

The good news is that we are close enough to the finish line that we can begin to plan an opening date for the hotel. As passers-by can now see, the building is shaping up beautifully. There are many elements, in particular relating to the exterior building envelope, that incorporate cutting edge building technologies and difficult to execute details (case in point the frameless bay windows) that combine to create a building that is going to be both beautiful and energy efficient over the long term.


We are planning the completion of the project in three separate phases.


The first phase is focused on the completion of the hotel itself. This includes the Lobby and reception, common areas and guest rooms. The plan is to open the guest services portion of the hotel as early as possible in the first quarter of the New Year. Our goal is to open doors late January or early February.


The hotel will have a new restaurant with some function and conferencing amenities. These are scheduled to be ready by early spring, April or May.


The park, located at the rear of the hotel site, is well under way and is scheduled to be open to the public by late spring, May or June. Work will be ongoing with planting and landscaping which is done as various plant and tree species demand in accordance with our arborist and landscape architect’s recommendations. Regardless of ongoing work in this area, it is our intention to have the park open and accessible to the public as early into the second quarter of the New Year as possible.

Please note that we have posted 2 new images of the park design, a partial plan and a partial elevation, that show some alterations to the planter located at the rear corner of the lot along Porter Road. This alteration was made by our landscape architect, Elena Saporta-ESLA, in order to integrate and screen the electrical transformer and switch installed by Ever-Source as part of their electrical service into the project.

Once the hotel is completed and operational we will schedule a Grand Opening which we are planning for Early Fall 2016. In the meantime we are all working overtime to complete the project and prepare for our first guests. It has been a long haul and we owe a debt of gratitude to all our neighbors for the kind patience and consideration which we have enjoyed throughout this process.

As always we are here on site ready to address any questions or concerns you may have. Please feel free to contact us at any time, either through our web site or by phone to John LoRusso, our site superintendent. His number is (617) 817-8710

We would also take this opportunity to extend early Happy Holiday wishes to all.

Yours Truly,

David B. Barsky-Architect AIA

Young Construction Company, Inc.